An excellent choice for commercial property. Nichiha rain screen system provides the best of both worlds, outstanding durability and eye catching attractiveness. Nichiha Rain Screen system provides your commercial property the professional look while keeping the bottom line satisfied. With a near endless variety of styles, the Nichiha rainscreen system is best in class from hundreds of options.

What makes this product green?

  • Avoids hazardous ingredients
  • Reduces pesticide treatments
  • Durable or low-maintenance
  • Increases resilience


Nichiha offers a line of panelized fiber-cement siding installed with special clips that hold the panels

away from the sheathing to provide a true rainscreen exterior to control water intrusion and increase the durability of the entire wall system.

The Nichiha Products line is 55% fly ash by weight.

The panels are ship-lapped and have the appearance of bricks, wood, masonry, metallic, and stone (a lap siding is also available). Depending on the product, the manufacturer offers a 30 or 50 year product warranty and 15 year finish warranty. All warranties are transferable.


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