Every day more and more people are discovering the beauty and performance of Nichiha fiber cement cladding products. Once you’ve seen or used a Nichiha product, you’ll be looking for ways to use it again.

Your projects come in all shapes, markets and styles… at 360 we use an attractive fiber cement cladding solution for most of them. Our expertise allows you capture the look of wood in considerably less time and at a fraction of the cost. Nichiha products offer competitive price of ownership with a fraction of the maintenance expense. Our large offering of textures and finishes lifts buildings of all kinds to new and unexpected places.



Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, we can help you achieve the look of wood with the performance of fiber cement. Nichiha products also come in a wide range of formats from full-scale boards down to individual shake. Regardless of what kind of look you’re envisioning, Nichiha fiber cement products all perform to the same high level.


Fiber cement products are by their very nature essentially green products. Comprised mostly of wood pulp and fly ash, our products divert waste from landfills and put it to practical use. Sustainability, however, goes far beyond ingredients. Nichiha has a long history of conserving resources and employing manufacturing best practices that make as much sense for our planet as they do for our customers.


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